Easy Farmhouse DIY Sconce

Looking for a DIY project that is easy to make, affordable and super cute? Then this is the project for you.

My daughter Claire and I were on the search for some cute accent lighting for her bedroom. We happened upon the store Jysk and found the perfect and super affordable battery operated pendant light.

Here is the link to check it out online.


I’m sure you could find something similar if you can’t get the exact product. These were on sale for $9.99 so we were pretty excited.

What you will need:

Pine wood

(These are the sizes I chose but you might be able to find some scrap pieces in different sizes. Use your imagination. You can create your own original design with pieces you may have laying around)

1 x 10 (cut 16 inches long)

1×4 (cut 6 inches long)

1 x 2 (cut 3.5 inches)

Stain of your choice. (We used minwax dark walnut)

Wood glue (we use gorilla glue)

1 1/4 inch screws (you can also use a nail gun but I wanted to show you with a tool that is easily accessible)

1/2 inch screws to attach the light


Screw bit for your drill

1/4 inch drill bit

Measuring tape (optional)

Step by step how to:

1. Sand the pieces

2. Use the drill bit to drill a hole around 1 inch into the 1×4

3. Stain your boards and let dry 24 hours

4. Now you are ready to assemble. You will need 4 1 1/4 inch screws to complete this project (or a nail gun if you prefer)

5. Add glue to the side of the 1x 2 and attach it to the end of the 1×3. Use 2 screws to secure the pieces together.

6. Now you can measure the next part but I want it to be super easy so you can eyeball it if you like. You want to add glue to the back of the attached piece and attach it to the larger board, centred about 1 inch down from the top

7. Pull the chain of the light through through the drilled hole (from the bottom through to the top) and screw the 1/2 inch screws to secure the chain to the top

How to hang. There are many ways to hang your new sconce. You can attach a sawtooth hook to the back or screw it directly into the wall. Whichever is the easiest for you

And voila!

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