I am Kim Tessier, the girl boss behind KT Inspired Home.

I have a serious addiction to chapstick and wool socks.

I blame my mom for this crazy simple life I never knew I’d love this much. My mom was a stay at home mom when we were young.  She spoiled us with love and made our lives seem like a constant fairytale.   Every day was simply special.

My mom baked for my sister and I since we were old enough to eat a cookie and she loved baking well before we were born.  She still makes all the same recipes from our childhood and my sister and I love baking her recipes and most importantly eating batches of her yummy cookies.  She still uses the same cookie cutters and that makes her cookies that much more anticipated every year!

Both my parents were obsessed with holidays!  They took pride in every detail from decorating, cooking, gift ideas and packaging!  I think having two parents with that passion has made me that much more obsessed with any holiday.  I just hope I can pass this passion onto my children.

I am married with 2 children Claire and Xavier.  They keep me busy with hockey and swim and I love seeing the  joy it brings them both.

You can visit my facebook page or Instagram @ktinspiredhome to find out more about this adventure or to see my collection of handmade goods for the inspired home.



  1. Kim, this will be so nice to see each day since you are so gifted in many ways. I think this blog will help many people with well tested ideas. You are an insperation to many.
    You are amazing!!!How can you find time to devote to this I do not know but I know you are a caring person who loves helping out other people so you will find a way.

    Love Mom

  2. I’m so excited for you!!! I’ve just started blogging about a 21 day layoff….not too interesting. All I can say is HI KIm!! I remember how caring you were in highschool and am just so thrilled that this will shine through in your blog!! Oh an I LOVE stealing baking and craft ideas. :):)

  3. Hi Kim! I checked your blog out after Shannon O. shared the link on f/b. Looks great! Love the stuff you’re blogging about!! You’re a girl after my own heart – the baking, crafting, staying at home with the kiddos. Welcome to this wonderful blogging community! I started up my blog in August, and I’m having so much fun with it!

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