An Apple A Day

I was first introduced to this amazing dip when my cousin’s wife Laurie made it at my wedding shower.  Every since it has become a fav and it seems to be my signature dish when heading to a girls night or family party.

As for the Skor bit dessert dip here is the recipe:


1 brick of cream cheese

1 bag of chipits skor pieces

1 container of caramel fruit dip (found in the fruit section at your local supermarket)

3 tbsp of brown sugar

5 large granny smith apples (I am a HUGE fan of the pre-sliced boxes of granny smith apples that is sold at Wal-Mart.)


Add brown sugar to cream cheese and mix well.

Spread cream cheese/sugar mixture onto your serving platter.

Microwave caramel fruit dip on medium for 10 seconds and stir until easy to pour.  ( you may need to add another 10 seconds).

spread caramel fruit dip on top of cream cheese/sugar mixture

Top with as much skor pieces until mixture is covered.

Place apples around your platter and serve!


    1. It is like a hard toffee crumble that usually has the chocolate pieces included. A Heath candy bar or Skor candy bar crushed in small pieces.

      1. The chocolate bar is called Skor. Looks the same as the Heath bar :). But chipits is the company name brand that makes chocolate chips. They also sell the Skor pieces. So it would be a bag of the crushed insides of the Heath bar.(no chocolate). Although I am sure it would be just as amazing if you chopped up some Heath bars for the top 🙂

    1. I squeeze lemon juice on fresh apples and I have also bought pre sliced apples from Walmart that don’t turn brown. The green Granny Smith are the best because they are more tart. Helps to balance with the sweetness of the dip 🙂

      1. I don’t like my apples to taste like lemon juice so I put them in cold water with a tsp of salt…no browning

  1. Hey Friends-I followed a recipe very similar to THIS one a couple Thanksgiving’s ago. AFTER you put the caramel AND chipits on top of the cream cheese, you NEED to put it into the fridge to SET FOR at least an hour OR overnight=THEN place your Granny Smith apples around right before serving.

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